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Kamarossi Cables & Electrical Distributors is a company that is focused on the production and distribution of electrical accessories, specialised cables and products. Kamarossi is also proud to be part of Geokon Incorporated and can supply and install geotechnical instrumentation products.

We are able to distribute and manufacture any type of communication-, electrical-, fiber-, control-, and power cables specified according to a client’s individual specifications.

Kamarossi, in conjunction with another company, manufacture joint and termination kits which are SABS approved.

Kamarossi is also an agent for Geokon Inc. and import geotechnical instrumentation for the mining industry.

We offer “EXCELLENT SERVICE”, with short delivery times and have good quality products which we supply to various industries in the market, which includes the mining, industrial, automation and building industries.



  • Coaxial Cable
  • Instrumentation Cable
  • Telephone Cable
  • SWA Cable
  • Screened Cable
  • Marine Electrical Cable
  • Stainless Steel Cable
  • Rubber Cable
  • Silicone Cable
  • PVC Cable
  • Single Core Flexi Cable
  • Control Cable

  • D Sub Connectors
  • Multipole Connector
  • Broadcast Connectors
  • Coaxial Connectors
  • Milspec Connector
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