Aluminium Low Halogen (LHC) Armoured Cable 600/1000V

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Plain Hard drawn Aluminium conductors, XLPE insulated, PVC (LH) Bedded, Galvanised Steel
Wire Armour, PVC (LH) Sheath
These cables may be used for main power distribution in general industries, houses and commercial
buildings. These cables are suitable for direct burial installations as well as in air or ducts. The PVC in
LHC armoured cable is specially formulated to reduce corrosive halogen gasses which are produced
by burning PVC, so are suitable for use in closed areas such as mines and offices.
Voltage Rating: 600/1000V
Sheath Colours: Black with Blue stripe
Core Colours: 2 core – Black and Red
3 core – Red, Yellow and Blue
4 core – Red, Yellow, Blue and Black
7 core – Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Violet, Brown and Orange

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